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  • Contest Sant Jordi 2007:
      Adrian Sârbu („the misunderstood genius that only mother understands”)
Born: 1989 XI B grade (majors: mathematics-informatics)
The Color of God
Life without color is more than a desert of sand. The sand is still yellowish.”
(Ion Velican, 1976)
Once upon a time, there was a town in which the trees were blue, the cherries were
orange and the buildings were grey. Its name: Natal. Each day, ten infants were born
and ten seniors died. The women were always young and beautiful. Nevertheless, it was
a sad town.
At the age of fourteen, boys joined the army so by the time they were 21 they could end
their military active service and go to war. The war took place in the town and that
because of the racism generated by unknown causes. Nobody ever tried to find out
anything about this sole discord of Natal. It was almost the only consensus (of nonsense)
which the six races who lived there arrived at. They could have divided the town equally
and not communicate to one another but still something united them. They worshipped
the same God and (they prayed at) the same object that was thought to be God’s
reincarnation within the town. They knew nothing about faith and were convinced that
they could find out everything only when one single race of the six won the war.
Be it white, black, Creole, reddish, yellow or miscelan (a cross-breed), within the house
of every Natalian, in front of the door, you could find the object they worshipped. It was
a transparent, glass prism of medium size, so that it would fit into any pocket.
War had always existed because every race believed that God is of its color. That’s why it
was thought that the race that will win is exclusively the Chosen One ever since before
Creation. The only prediction of the long-sighted elders for the end of the war was
One day, Plox was born, a miscelan boy whose eyes changed with sunlight. But that day
is of no importance, except to his parents. When the boy turned thirteen, he left for the
center of the town, where the Holy Prism was. Everywhere he passed people would stop
fighting and watch him, as if they had been hypnotized. When he arrived at the Holy
Prism, he said to them:
„You blind, foolish men, you are so crazy you do not see what is to be seen. I shall give
you some simple answers to the questions you have never asked or didn’t ask the right
way. God is the Infinite Light, Ein Sof. And He said „FIAT LUX”. Out of Nothing, out of the
Void, came Light, created by another Light. Everything was created from a non-existent
point. This is the answer to the „Who created God and what was before Him?” question
that you never asked properly.